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Tee Story

Hi friend!

We’re kordiebykordie. A clothing brand started by a group of friends in Stockholm in 2016. Why? Because we’re on a mission.

In a world of expensive designer clothes, fast fashion and expensive “innovative tech clothes” with everything from nano-technology to silver molecules to built in spaceships, we felt enough – where are the brands with simple but high-quality clothes, fair prices and a brand image that I can relate to and stand behind?

So here we are. And these are our kordiebykordie principles.


We are crazy about fun. And we love the simple pleasures in life, not the complicated ones.

We love friends, we love simple jokes and we love sports and travel.

So therefore, our clothes are simple and fun. They can be worn at any occasion, for an everyday look or a serious look. We capture that feeling of the perfect hoodie or tee you remember from childhood. And we’ll never go after the latest fashion trends (unless it’s really awesome…).



Nature is the best playground of all for some fun. We all know she is suffering in this fast-paced consumption society. We all have to take our responsibility in preserving it.

That’s why our clothes are made from sustainable materials (like organic cotton) from responsible manufacturers. And we only sell high quality stuff, that can be worn and washed for many years before it hits the recycling can.



So, don’t hesitate – click that checkout button and join the kordiebykordie family!

And don’t hesitate to reach out to info@kordiebykordie.com if you have any questions or feedback – we love connecting personally with our new friends!

Cheers from the kordiebykordie family!